In the line of present Government policy of Digital Bangladesh Performance Audit directorate took an initiative to establish a website as a platform of news and views as well as details information about our directorate by which our stakeholder come to know what is happening inside this Directorate. I am lucky enough to get the chance to unfold the website of Performance Audit Directorate.

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Performance Audit Directorate arranged a farewell programme on the occasion of final retirement from the services of Mr. Mohsin Mia, Director of this directorate on 28th June, 2016. Mr.Mohammad Golam Sarwar Bhuiyan, Director General of Performance Audit Directorate presided over the farewell programme. All other officers and staffs of this directorate present the programme. Retired Director shares his memory of this office and thanked all the staff for support him and share his experiences in whole long career of this services. DG of this Directorate also thanked him for his services of this office and handed over some token gift on behalf of the offices. .

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Performance audit is an objective and systematic examination of a public sector organization’s program, activity, function or management systems and procedures to provide an assessment of whatever the entity, in the pursuit of predefined goals, has achieved economy, efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of resources.

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