Honorable Speaker of the Parliament Md. Abdul Hamid Advocate MP inaugurated the Digital Audit Management System of the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (OCAG) of Bangladesh on February 7, 2013. As a part of the government’s Digital Bangladesh vision OCAG introduced Digital Audit Management System which includes Audit Management and Monitoring System (AMMS) and other Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs). The AMMS enables the audit directorates to plan and schedule audit assignments and monitor and track audit observations on a real-time basis. Using the field audit module of the system the audit teams working in the field can maintain their working papers electronically and send these directly to the central database of the system. The subsequent audit processes like quality assurance, correspondence tracking, meeting management, preparation of various reports etc. can be performed electronically. Using CAATs the auditors can analyze the transactional data and assess risks during planning phase of the audit. Thus these systems will pave the way for introducing paperless auditing in Bangladesh.

AMMS(when in CAG domian)

AMMS data file upload(when in CAG domain)

AMMS(when not in CAG domain)

AMMS data file upload (when not in CAG domain)

AMMS Test Mode(Not Live)


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